The MALL MEDIA concept has been implemented and running successfully at Maerua Mall and Auas Valley Shopping Center The concept is simple: we install industrial screens in high shopper/visitor areas throughout shopping malls, medical practices and other high shopper/visitor/patient gathering areas We identify strategic static sites at the Mall and install advertising mediums MALL MEDIA focusses on the following 4 marketing pillars:

Brand awareness | Education | Entertainment | Information

Material can be static, animated or video content The more vibrant the material the more attention it will attract Simple messages Bold photography Strong brand Notices and tenant messages (template driven)

Walkway screens are either single or double sided Advertising space is 1m x 1,9m They are durable and have thus far given very few problems (which we couldn't deal with on site) Material is driven through a player which is installed inside the unit



Digital Screens

Digital Wall

Printed Branding

Pillar wraps